Another fallow year in the west country…

Clifton by Night

Evidence of a night time meander around Clifton accompanied by assorted tripods and members of Bristol Photographic Society.  It is even clearer at night that the streets are paved with gold in this gentrified enclave of Bristol.


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Bristol Harbourside

The rebranding of the disparate communities and historical entities surrounding Bristol’s floating harbour into the tourist marketing speak of a generic ‘Bristol Harbourside’ is relentless.  Where the luftwaffe failed corporate newspeak blandness prevails. I digress.

Here are some photos I took last weekend, again as part of my Bristol Photographic Society course, on a short stroll around the waters of Bristol.


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A short photographic stroll around Clifton

I have recently started a short photography course run by Bristol Photography Society which I am very much enjoying.  Here are a few snaps I took during a course ‘field trip’ which involved a short circular stroll around Clifton starting at Royal York Crescent and ending in a pub. I hope you like them. Royal York Crescent Sign, Clifton

Reputably the longest terrace in Europe when construction began in 1790s

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Manufacturing Consumer Madness

I have a confession to make.  I’m just like David Cameron.  I don’t really know how much a loaf of bread costs.  I use a bread maker.  There you go, I’ve finally outed myself.  I like to create things without getting my hands dirty and am happy to take short cuts wherever and whenever possible.  I guess you could say I’m an idler.

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Northcott Mouth to Tintagel

Almost there…


Remember, don’t disrespect your lifeguards, they’re there to save your life…


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Clovelly to Cleave Camp

You guessed it, no words just photos…


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Dunster to Westward Ho!

More saccharine hued photos whilst I ponder yet more words…



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Bristol to Dunster: A Rose Tinted Photo-dump

Here’s some photos whilst I find the words to describe my recent 200 mile charitable jaunt…


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Bristol to Tintagel: 200 miles through Avalon

This July, I’ve decided to walk the 200 miles or so from my front door in Bristol all the way to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall.  I think it is some kind of misguided, midlife-crisis-ridden, zero-air-miles quest to find some quiet solitude in the modern world!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

 I shall be walking local byways during the long daylight hours and sleeping out in my bivvy bag under the stars at night.  There will be no e-mails, no television and no local or worldwide news.  I figure if I walk 15 miles a day without distraction it should take a couple of weeks. I have done no training, have a sprained ankle and bulging waist-line, and have only ever spent one uncomfortable-sleepless night cocooned in my army surplus bivvy bag (within the safety of my back garden!)…. I am as prepared as I’ll ever be.


I intend to follow a number of long distance paths, including parts of the Monarch’s Way, Samaritans Way South West, Macmillan Way West and the South West Coast Path as my route takes in Mendip, Glastonbury, Somerset Levels, Quantocks, Exmoor and the North Somerset / Cornwall Coast.

Glastonbury Tor

Any donations received will help spur me on and will be shared equally between the Samaritans – who provide confidential emotional support to those experiencing feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts – and Macmillan Cancer Support.

ExmoorThrough Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity’s behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I have attached a link to my Virgin Money Giving page below.  I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

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Tintagel Castle

Norway in a Nutshell

ImageBryggen, Bergen

If you’re heading to Bergen for a long weekend and want to take in as much beautiful nordic-fjordic scenery as possible, you could do a lot worse than forking out on a FyordTours “Norway in a Nutshell” trip:  It is quite pricey (like everything in Norway!) but packs a lot into a short space of time.


There are various options for the trip but, when we visited in May, we chose to do the circular trip from Bergen in one day starting off with the train to Myrdal.  What follows is a brief account of the trip with some tips and photos.

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